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Dan Savage & Terry Miller: “It Gets Better”

Late last year, after several suicides of LGBT youth who’d been bullied because of their sexual orientation, Seattle’s Dan Savage (from the Stranger) and his husband Terry Miller posted a video on YouTube to reach out to LGBT youth to tell … Continue reading

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A hopeful update on Bradley Manning: articles, opinions and rallies

I have not written anything recently about Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier suspected of providing WikiLeaks with classified information.  I had high hopes that President Obama would do the right thing when he heard about Manning’s treatment, and I was … Continue reading

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Why hold a raw egg when breaking concrete blocks? Oddities from Guinness World Records 2011!

People do the oddest things to set records, as you may realize when you see the records at . But why? Why o Why? Why hold an egg when breaking concrete blocks with your arms/hands? Why make a record collection … Continue reading

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World Water Day: Towards clean drinking water for all !

Today is World Water Day. March 22nd has been observed as such since 1993. Water is special. I grew up in India, and even though I lived in big cities, the availability of clean drinking water was not a given. I … Continue reading

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Beauty in the sky

From the simple-pleasures-of-life department: Came home today while it was still light. A glorious iridescent sunset — the house up the street had a wonderful pink halo! Mmmmmm. Life is good. #sunset #life

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Happy Pi day, all! On Piphilology and poems about π

Here’s a nice article about π , Pi day and piphilology (“the creation and use of mnemonic techniques to remember the digits of Pi”). Also check out the Evri page on Pi day! This cool Wikipedia page has a bunch … Continue reading

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Legendary jazz drummer Joe Morello dies at 82 – MSN Music News

Legendary jazz drummer Joe Morello dies at 82 – MSN Music News. From the Wikipedia article on Joe Morello: ‘ Joseph A. Morello (17 July 1928 – 12 March 2011) was a jazz drummer best known for his 12½-year stint … Continue reading

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Geek fun: How to catch a lion and Proof techniques

Randomly going through links to links to my Facebook entries, I bumped into a compendium of “proof” techniques at Chris Riesbeck’s site: Dana Angluin’s List of Proof Techniques . Here are some samples: Proof by eminent authority: ‘I saw Karp … Continue reading

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Mr. President: Have we no sense of decency, sir?

I had so far assumed that President Obama was unaware of Bradley Manning‘s condition, or chose to stay silent about this. But here’s a sad excerpt about Obama and Bradley Manning from ‘UPDATE: President Obama said Friday afternoon that … Continue reading

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You’re right, President Obama: we should not tolerate anyone bullying Bradley Manning either

Today President Obama and the First Lady headlined a White House conference on bullying, where President Obama said that torment and intimidation must not be tolerated. Check out the news report on this conference at which ends with:  “The … Continue reading

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