What happened 150 years ago at Fort Sumter, South Carolina?

The very first shots of the American Civil War were fired 150 years ago – April 12th, 1861, at Fort Sumter, which is very close to Charleston. Union troops occupied this island fort after South Carolina seceded in December 1960. Confederate soldiers bombarded Fort Sumter to take it back, and the bombing went on for more than a day.

In October last year, K and I went to Charleston, SC for a short holiday. We took a nice boat trip to Fort Sumter, and spent a pleasant morning soaking up history (and sunshine!). Nothing like being there to get a feel of what people must have gone through in those days.

Here are some pictures I took that day. Also check out news about how that day is being remembered today in South Carolina, learn more about Fort Sumter and the famous Fort Sumter Flag (the last picture in the slideshow is a slightly fuzzy picture of the flag, shot through a glass case).

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