KUOW Story on Hana Williams

KUOW’s Amy Ridal has a well-researched story on Hana Williams, which was aired on Monday Sep 12th. You can hear the story and/or read the transcript at
Questions Surround Death Of Hana Williams .

There’s an update on Hana’s brother Immanuel and her other siblings in the story.
Amy reports:
“All the children are in foster care except one. He’s now 18, and moved back with his parents.
Skagit County Commissioner G. Brian Paxton is overseeing the Williams children’s care through the Superior Court. At a recent court hearing, he overruled the parents’ wishes that the children continue home schooling, saying that’s not an option right now. The boys likely entered public schools for the first time in their lives last week.
Immanuel will attend a school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Anacortes.”

It looks like there is a lot of momentum on the case at this point. I hope we get to hear the findings from the investigation soon.


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