Rest in Peace, Hana Williams

I want to take a few minutes to remember Hana today.

On May 12th, 2011 — one year ago — 13-year-old Hana Grace-Rose Williams was found dead in her yard, with the coroner concluding she died of hypothermia in the approx. 40 degree rainy weather. At the time of her death, sources said she had significant weight-loss.  Hana, born in Ethiopia, was adopted into a Sedro-Woolley home in Aug. 2008, along with her younger brother.

Hana’s adoptive parents Carri and Larry Williams were charged in late September last year on charges of homicide by abuse in connection with the death of Hana. They were also charged with assault of a child in the first degree in connection with the treatment of Hana’s brother, whom they’d also adopted. There is a lot of activity on a Facebook page created for Hana; on that page I see the trial date is set for Oct 1st this year.

Sadly, Hana’s case is not a singular instance. There have been a number of cases of child abuse and/or neglect reported during the year. Even yesterday, the Columbia Basin Herald reported that a 2-year old Moses Lake boy was found in a state of “extreme malnourishment with no heartbeat”. Responders got his heartbeat going, and the boy was taken to hospital and put on life support. The shocking thing about the report is that the 2-year old was found to weigh less than 10 lbs, as opposed to an average weight of 34-48 lbs. I’ve known of some babies whose birth weight was 10lbs.  CPS now has custody of four other children living at that address, says the report.


From a remembrance vigil for Hana Williams, Aug 21, 2011

For background about Hana: see my first post on this subject Why and how did 13-yr old Ethiopian adoptee Hana Williams die? A vigil and questions about Hana. Also see my posts on harsh [child] “training” methods advocated by some and on some instances of child abuse, and the notion of “child-collectors” , both of which seem relevant to Hana’s case. The last post I had on this was the report about Hana’s parents being charged: Adoptive parents Carri and Larry Williams charged with Hana Williams’ death .


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